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Digital storytelling

We are digital storytellers

We are a creative team of film producers, digital professionals and artists who have come together to form a social enterprise with a mission to use the power of storytelling to write a better narrative for the world.

What we do

Video production

From concept to campaign, we will turn your ideas into reality. We have all the tools for your pre-production, production and post-production needs, whether it is a music video, video for web, training video or trade show presentation.


There is nothing like mass media when you want to make a splash. With our in-house creative and media departments, and trusted outside production resources, we will make sure you get the right messages to the right people at the right time.


Video documentation is a great way to show the work you have done to the world, and capture what you have achieved throughout the life of a project. They offer the scope to explore pressing topics in depth, and show the progress of the issue over time.

Event coverage

We have your conference, corporate event or social programme covered. You will have content and memories to keep and share with all, and you will have one point of contact who will coordinate it all for you, so that you can concentrate on your event.


Animation and motion graphics are the future of video marketing. With the growth of YouTube and other social media sites, one of our top-quality motion graphics videos will quickly grab the attention of your viewers and effectively deliver your message.

Post production

You have some great video footage, but not the editing know-how or software to turn it into the visual magic you know it could be. With innovative staff and the best tools in the market, we will make sure that happens.

Equipment rental

We are a one-stop destination for all types of shoots, carrying a comprehensive equipment store of DSLRs, lenses and accessories, motion cameras and digital cinema cameras, strobes and continuous lights and grip equipment, drone and action cameras at rates that make sense. We provide the creative community with the tools and services needed to achieve excellence, and will ensure you have a great rental experience.

Still photography

Create the perfect promotional campaign by adding still pictures to your moving ones. Our photographers provide still photography services designed to complement and enhance your communication materials. We also offer portrait, event, product and commercial photography services.

Stock photo & video

If you do not have the time or budget to shoot new content, our stock footage and photo library will meet all your needs. Our archives contain the highest quality footage clips, still photos, stock footage of nature, outdoor activities, places and historical events for professional productions.

What we have

How we work

We are a professional video production company born in Bangladesh, specializing in the creation of compelling videos to tell your stories and build your brand.

Our happy clients

Since inception we have worked for over 100 clients and media productions